【Altered Arts】Wedding Bliss|婚禮的祝福

Hi there. Tonight I'm sharing my final project of this month. Since my sister's wedding is coming up, I've been thinking of creating a handmade gift as my blessing to her. That's how I got the idea to create this wall hanger as a home/wedding decor.


【Mixed Media Canvas】Colorful Outdoor Canvas|靜謐花園畫架

Hi everyone, today I'm sharing one of my final projects for this month. As I mentioned in my previous article, beautiful natural elements always catch my attention in daily life and my travels. I'm always relaxed and delighted when surrounded by these amazing things as I am always inspired from the beauty of life.


【Layout】Enjoy the Little Things in Life|享受生活中的點滴

Doing a layout is not only a preservation of memories to me, but also a way of being inspired by and motivated towards life. One of the reasons I love creating layouts is because there is always a story behind it, just like everyone else. : ) Creation is one of the little things in life that brings me enjoyment. What are the little things you enjoy in daily life?


【Layout】Snorkeling Fun in Kenting|墾丁浮潛趣

This photo was taken 6 years ago in Kenting right after we finished snorkeling. I tried to re-create the atmosphere of the beach and underwater world. The colors represent the beautiful coral reef in Kenting. Hope you like this layout as well.


【Layout】Tweedledee and Tweedledum in Devonport|德文港的特老大與特老二

Do you remember Tweedledee and Tweedledum in the story of Alice in Wonderland? Right after I finished this layout and showed it to my boyfriend, he told me the pictures reminded him of them. XD

記得愛麗絲夢遊仙境(Alice in Wonderland)裡的雙胞胎兄弟Tweedeldee和Tweedledum(中譯特偉哥和特偉弟或特老大和特老二)兩位角色嗎? 相編完成後拿給男友看,他說照片讓他想到愛麗絲夢遊仙境的雙胞胎,哈哈~