New DT Member at Challenge YOUrself |入選國際相編挑戰網 Challenge YOUrself 設計團隊

Hello everyone, I have a good news to share with all of you today. I'm so happy and honored to announce that I am a part of design team at Challenge YOUrself since the beginning this year! I'm really excited to get back to my scrapbooking adventure!

好久不見的發文有個好消息與大家分享,就是 Maya 在去年底受邀成為國際拼貼挑戰網 Challenge YOUrself 的設計師團隊,從今年一月份開始將每個月發表示範作品。這兩年雖然空閒時還是持續玩手作,但因為工作的關係並沒有在線上平台發佈作品,而這次無預期的收到邀請加入設計團隊,老實說真的受寵若驚,但想了想決定接受這次的機會,也感謝 Challenge YOUrself 格主的邀請,讓我重新回到部落格分享創作。

Challenge YOUrself is a scrapbooking challenge blog that is dedicated to include YOUrself (your photo) in your scrapbooking projects. Each month there is one challenge. The new challenge and DT reveals are posted on the 7th of each month and submissions are due by the 4th of following month. For more info, you may click HERE to check out the challenge rules and everyone is welcomed to join us. I'm looking forward to sharing my first DT reveal of 2019 with you soon!

Challenge YOUrself 是一個開放給世界各地的拼貼愛好者參加的主題挑戰網站,每個月七號在網站公布一個挑戰主題作為拼貼作品創作方向,另外設計團隊也會提供示範作品給大家參考,歡迎點閱挑戰規則一起來參加挑戰,有任何問題也歡迎留言詢問喔!

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