【Canvas & Video Tutorial】SIWAS DT Reveal - Beautiful Night|SIWAS設計團隊示範作品 - 美好夜晚(含影片教學)

It's time for our mid-month reveal at Scrap It With a Song. I'm on the rock team, and our August song is "Because the Night" by Patti Smith. I was really inspired by the lyrics, so I created the night colored background and interpreted the feeling of love as it was felt in the song. So, here is my mixed media canvas project "Beautiful Night"!

很快的邁入Maya在國際拼貼挑戰網Scrap It With a song發表的第二件紙藝作品嘍。這個月我們的搖滾歌曲是Patti Smith的"Because the Night",創作時這首經典搖滾歌曲給了很多靈感,一邊聽著音樂一邊創作,試著把夜晚的顏色以及歌詞裏頭充滿愛的意境發揮在作品上,大家有感受到那濃濃的愛意嗎?XD

Parts of the Song|部分歌詞
Because the night belongs to love
Because the night belongs to lovers
Because the night belongs to us

Scrap It With a Song - August Challenge
For our August challenge, we have both a pop song and a rock song from Meghan Trainor and Patti Smith. You can see more song interpretations from our DT members on the July 1st reveal and the July mid-month revealI'm always excited to discover your takes. Looking forward to seeing you next time on our September Hop. It's gonna be fun! And now, let's get inspired by the songs!

這次八月挑戰歌曲來自兩位美國歌手Meghan Trainor與Patti Smith(歌曲連結如下),歡迎點閱設計團隊作品(1st reveal & 15th reveal)看大家如何在作品裡詮釋這兩首歌曲,也邀請大家一起來聽音樂玩拼貼!

Pop Song|流行歌曲

Rock Song|搖滾歌曲
Patti Smith - "Because the Night"

I have created a step by step video tutorial this time.
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Here are some more close ups.

I'm also entering the following challenge where I got some inspiration from.

Scrap Africa - Mood Board Challenge No.77
The night color I created for the canvas was inspired by the mood board featured in August challenge at Scrap Africa. Such beautiful colors in this mood board, right?

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