【Layout & Video Tutorial】Picture This DT Reveal - Only One|PT設計團隊示範相編 - 唯一(含影片教學)

Hello to all, here is my DT reveal for our August 15th challenge at Picture This! I named this layout "Only One" because it's the only photo left of me and my siblings with my dad in our childhood. Also, he is our ONLY dad for sure, ha! It's definitely one of the most precious photos in our family album though it's considered as a not so perfect picture. Let's check it out!

哈嘍,很快的來到八月Picture This國際相編挑戰網的月中挑戰嘍!這次Maya的示範相編作品取名"唯一",因為相編中這張珍貴照片,是我們幾個兄弟姊妹小時候與爸爸唯一的合照!當然,照片中特顯高大的這位男人也是我們唯一的爸爸,哈~ 

Picture This - August Mid-Month Challenge (Not So Picture Perfect)
It was a challenge for me to choose my not so perfect picture and finally selected this one. As you can see, the original photo has some creases because it was snapped about 18 years ago. Also, it's a little bit blurred and out of focus. However, it's one of the most precious photos in our family album. That's why I had scanned this photo to a digital file and had it printed out with the black and white color. I love how it turned out!

這次月中的挑戰主題是"不完美的照片",例如沒有對焦、頭只拍到半邊、任何我們覺得不太OK的照片都可。Maya選照片挑了好久,因為手上一大疊洗出來的照片當時都經過挑選... 剛好之前因為妹妹婚禮需要,順道把家裡一些舊照片掃描備份(不然底片都不見要洗也沒了,珍貴的照片一定要好好保存啊!!!),雖然這張照片本尊已泛黃還有摺痕,人物也有些模糊沒有準確對焦,對我來說它卻無比珍貴,看到這張電子檔就決定是它了!洗照片時有設定黑白效果,很喜歡最後相編呈現的感覺~

I have also created a step by step video tutorial.

Here are some more close ups and details.

Looking forward to discovering your takes. See you next time on our September challenge at Picture This! Thanks for stopping by and hope you have gained some inspiration here.


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