【Card & Video Tutorial】Daisy Day New Release|Daisy Day新商品&卡片示範(含影片教學)

Today I'm sharing this card that I've posted in my Instagram and FB group before, and now have time to write down a detailed post on my blog. I created this easy and simple card by using the new releases from Daisy Day. Let's check them out! 

今天與大家分享的這張卡片,先前已在Instagram以及FB社團發佈過(歡迎加入我的IG以及FB社團追蹤即時訊息),選擇一張美麗的美編紙,搭配Daisy Day獨創的好用便利貼、紙蕾絲與邊角貼,簡單完成這張裏頭可放一張3x5照片的卡片,一起來看看這些好用小物的介紹吧~


So, here is my video for the new releases and a card making process.
(啊~~~老實說,這是Maya第一次在錄製的影片中開口說話,有點兒緊張別介意啊 >///<)

These are the newly released products introduced in the video. First is the Sweet Tape, it contains 500pcs of double sided tape in a box container that already cut into pieces of 0.5 inch, just pull out for using. Then move to the paper lace with silver and black color, they are self-adhesive border paper lace.


I also made this card using the self-adhesive border lace and sweet tape. They are easy to apply in any paper crafts. By the way, I really love the shining effect from the silver border lace. You may click HERE for my picture tutorial of this card "Blessed Star".


Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend!

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