【Card & Video Tutorial】Daisy Day New Release|Daisy Day新商品&卡片示範(含影片教學)

Today I'm sharing this card that I've posted in my Instagram and FB group before, and now have time to write down a detailed post on my blog. I created this easy and simple card by using the new releases from Daisy Day. Let's check them out! 

今天與大家分享的這張卡片,先前已在Instagram以及FB社團發佈過(歡迎加入我的IG以及FB社團追蹤即時訊息),選擇一張美麗的美編紙,搭配Daisy Day獨創的好用便利貼、紙蕾絲與邊角貼,簡單完成這張裏頭可放一張3x5照片的卡片,一起來看看這些好用小物的介紹吧~


【Canvas & Video Tutorial】SIWAS DT Reveal - Beautiful Night|SIWAS設計團隊示範作品 - 美好夜晚(含影片教學)

It's time for our mid-month reveal at Scrap It With a Song. I'm on the rock team, and our August song is "Because the Night" by Patti Smith. I was really inspired by the lyrics, so I created the night colored background and interpreted the feeling of love as it was felt in the song. So, here is my mixed media canvas project "Beautiful Night"!

很快的邁入Maya在國際拼貼挑戰網Scrap It With a song發表的第二件紙藝作品嘍。這個月我們的搖滾歌曲是Patti Smith的"Because the Night",創作時這首經典搖滾歌曲給了很多靈感,一邊聽著音樂一邊創作,試著把夜晚的顏色以及歌詞裏頭充滿愛的意境發揮在作品上,大家有感受到那濃濃的愛意嗎?XD

Parts of the Song|部分歌詞
Because the night belongs to love
Because the night belongs to lovers
Because the night belongs to us

【Layout & Video Tutorial】Picture This DT Reveal - Only One|PT設計團隊示範相編 - 唯一(含影片教學)

Hello to all, here is my DT reveal for our August 15th challenge at Picture This! I named this layout "Only One" because it's the only photo left of me and my siblings with my dad in our childhood. Also, he is our ONLY dad for sure, ha! It's definitely one of the most precious photos in our family album though it's considered as a not so perfect picture. Let's check it out!

哈嘍,很快的來到八月Picture This國際相編挑戰網的月中挑戰嘍!這次Maya的示範相編作品取名"唯一",因為相編中這張珍貴照片,是我們幾個兄弟姊妹小時候與爸爸唯一的合照!當然,照片中特顯高大的這位男人也是我們唯一的爸爸,哈~ 

【Card & Picture Tutorial】Blessed Star|來自星星的祝福(含圖解教學)

Hello scrappers! I've been falling in love making cards lately. So, today I'm sharing with you my handmade card using distressed pattern paper from Papericious, and this is actually my first distressed card ever! Also, I love the new release of shining paper lace from Daisy Day.


【Layout & Picture Tutorial】Picture This DT Reveal - Happy Little Moment|PT設計團隊示範相編 - 遊樂園的歡樂時光(含圖解教學)

Hi there! Today I'm very excited to share with you my first DT reveal at Picture This challenge blog! For August's challenge, I created this layout inspired by the colorful mood board featured in Picture This. The photos were taken back in 2012 at Janfusun Fancyworld theme park in Taiwan. It's always a good time at a amusement park, right?

哈嘍,開心與大家分享Maya作為設計團隊成員,在Picture This相編挑戰網今年第一個挑戰活動發表的示範作品。這次為了八月挑戰活動創作的相編,靈感來源主要是心情聯想板中繽紛的色彩。相編裏頭的照片是2012年到劍湖山世界一日遊拍攝的,摩天輪的顏色是不是也很繽紛~