【DT Call】Picture This Design Team Call|Picture This 設計團隊徵選開跑

Hello to all! Today I'm sharing an exciting news about Picture This design team call. Since Picture This is a sister site of Let's Get Sketchy (one of my favorite challenge blogs), I noticed that there was a DT call mentioned at LGS blog site and decided to give a try.

哈嘍大家好,今天與大家分享的消息是,國外相編挑戰網Picture This的設計團隊開跑嘍!Picture This是挑戰網Let's Get Sketchy的姊妹挑戰網,LGS也是Maya特別喜愛的相編挑戰網之一,所以在部落格看到設計團隊徵選活動後,當然要來試看看嘍~

Below is the mood board challenge for the DT call featured at Picture This. When I first saw it, I loved the bright colors so much and could not wait to start my work! If you are interested in the DT call, You may also click HERE for more info and details.

下圖是Picture This針對這次甄選活動提供的心情聯想板,Maya一直很喜歡繽紛色彩的混搭,所以看到這張繽紛的心情聯想板特別喜愛,迫不及待想開始創作相編作品,呵!如果你也對這次甄選活動有興趣,可以點入甄選說明了解更多細節喔~

Well, this is my start for the challenge layout. I'm so into this colorful mood board, so I started my layout with colorful background. I really can't wait to see the completed work, can you? Good luck to everyone! : )


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