New DT Member at Picture This|入選國際相編挑戰網 Picture This 設計團隊

Hello everyone, I'm so happy to announce that I have been chosen as a new design team member in Picture This! What a surprise to take part in such a great scrapbooking adventure! HERE is Hannah and my DT reveal at Picture This.

大家好,很幸運地這個月可以再次與大家分享入選國際相編設計團隊的好消息!這次入選的是另一個相編挑戰網 Picture This 團隊的設計師,也歡迎點擊 Picture This 發布的Maya簡介連結喔~

【DT Call】Picture This Design Team Call|Picture This 設計團隊徵選開跑

Hello to all! Today I'm sharing an exciting news about Picture This design team call. Since Picture This is a sister site of Let's Get Sketchy (one of my favorite challenge blogs), I noticed that there was a DT call mentioned at LGS blog site and decided to give a try.

哈嘍大家好,今天與大家分享的消息是,國外相編挑戰網Picture This的設計團隊開跑嘍!Picture This是挑戰網Let's Get Sketchy的姊妹挑戰網,LGS也是Maya特別喜愛的相編挑戰網之一,所以在部落格看到設計團隊徵選活動後,當然要來試看看嘍~

【Layout & Picture Tutorial】SIWAS DT Reveal - All I Need|SIWAS設計團隊示範相編 - 我們這一家(含圖解教學)

Hello to all! Today I'm super excited to share with you my first DT reveal at Scrap It With a Song. For July's challenge, I created a layout inspired by a rock song "All I Need". Even though time goes on and things change, family is always in our heart, and I know for a fact they are all I need.

哈嘍大家好!今天Maya要與大家分享第一次在國外拼貼挑戰網Scrap It With a Song(聽音樂玩拼貼)中,作為設計團隊成員發表的示範作品。這次示範作品以相編呈現,靈感來源來自七月挑戰的搖滾歌曲"All I Need"。看著歌名...我想,隨著時間的轉動,周圍人事物不斷的變化下,家人的那份愛永遠不會改變,所以以家人的合照作為這次相編的主角嘍~

And I also have a step by step tutorial below.