【Layout】Jump High at Wai'ao|翱翔外澳天際

When I heard the lyrics from the song "Best Day of my Life" featured at Scrap It With A Song, it reminded me of my first paragliding experience at Yilan county, Taiwan. Right before I was in the air, I ran hard and jumped as high as I possibly could. There was an adrenaline spike at the start but then it felt extremely smooth. While I was in the air, it was very calm and relaxing. That's how I was inspired to create this layout.

當我看著"Best Day of my Life"這首歌的歌詞裡寫著:「我跳得很高,高到可以碰觸到雲」以及「我向無際的蒼穹伸出雙手」,想起第一次在宜蘭外澳搭乘飛行傘時的回憶。起飛前使盡全力奔向懸崖,最後一步奮力一躍的感覺仍記憶猶新呢!雖奔向懸崖的當下特別興奮緊張,躍出懸崖乘風而起那一刻的感覺,卻是相當兩極的平靜與舒適。

As usual, I always have a lot of fun in creating mixed media layouts. The textured background with the sky blue and sun yellow colors represents the background while I was paragliding. The bottom right corner with little city stamp represents the view from the sky.


Here are some more close ups and details.

I'm entering the following challenges where I got the inspirations from for this layout.

ღ Challenge YOUrself-#29 May's challenge
I was inspired from the colors, sun yellow, grass green, and sky blue in the mood board. Also of course my photo is included in the layout. : )

ღ Scrap It With A Song-May's challenge
I was inspired from the lyrics of the Pop Song "Best Day of my Life" by the American Authors featured at Scrap It With A Song. As I mentioned in the beginning, the lyrics reminded me of my first paragliding experience. (Lyrics inspirations: I jumped so high I touched the clouds. I stretched my hands out to the sky.)

✈ Taiwan-Paragliding at Wai'ao, Yilan
Wao'ao of Yilan county, is located to the north of Wushih Fishery Harbor. It is a flat expansive beach, with great views such as glittering white waves and vague shadow of Turtle Island in the distance. Besides playing with the waves, this area provides extremely exciting sports, like paragliding and surfing.


I would like to share with you more photos we took when me and my friends took a trip to Wao'ao to go paragliding in October, 2014.


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