【Canvas & Video Tutorial】Beautiful in White|妹妹的白色嫁紗(含影片教學)

Hi there, tonight I would like to share with you my final project of May. When I saw the art work "Seven Girls Running" featured in ARTastic, the girls white dresses reminded me of my sister's beautiful wedding photo. The girl in this photo is my lovely sister who just got married last week. I'm super happy for her! Girls are always beautiful in white, right?


And I also have created a step by step video tutorial!

【Layout】Jump High at Wai'ao|翱翔外澳天際

When I heard the lyrics from the song "Best Day of my Life" featured at Scrap It With A Song, it reminded me of my first paragliding experience at Yilan county, Taiwan. Right before I was in the air, I ran hard and jumped as high as I possibly could. There was an adrenaline spike at the start but then it felt extremely smooth. While I was in the air, it was very calm and relaxing. That's how I was inspired to create this layout.

當我看著"Best Day of my Life"這首歌的歌詞裡寫著:「我跳得很高,高到可以碰觸到雲」以及「我向無際的蒼穹伸出雙手」,想起第一次在宜蘭外澳搭乘飛行傘時的回憶。起飛前使盡全力奔向懸崖,最後一步奮力一躍的感覺仍記憶猶新呢!雖奔向懸崖的當下特別興奮緊張,躍出懸崖乘風而起那一刻的感覺,卻是相當兩極的平靜與舒適。