【Event】Yuanlin Picnic Market|擺攤趣-員林野餐音樂會市集

Hello, how was everyone's weekend? I would like to share with you a local picnic market I joined this past Sunday on the 24th of April. I had an awesome time at the market for sure! Below is my pink booth on Sunday and now let's check more details of my journal at the market. : )


This is the first picnic market ever held in my county, Changhua. I was super excited to be chosen as one of the craft vendors. The event was from 14:30-18:00 in the afternoon, the perfect time for cool weather and to have a picnic. I especially love the concert from the local bands. The pictures below show the event in full.


Back to Maya Sunshine's booth, I prepared photo frames, cards, and mini albums. I also brought some of my own projects as a mini Maya Sunshine exhibition. In addition, a space for guests to have fun making cards. 


A cute four-year-old girl came to join in card making and I had a blast with her. 

The little cutie finished her mothers day card! Yay!

Really happy to meet those nice guests at the market as well. Thanks for loving my crafts! 

This here is the whole sky view of the market as the ending of my journal on 24th of April.

Thanks for stopping by!