【Layout】Beauty of Yellowstone|黃石的美麗回憶

Me and my boyfriend met while working at Lake Lodge in Yellowstone National Park in the summer of 2009. I've been thinking of scrapping all the pictures of the places we've traveled into layouts or albums since I started scrapbooking. It's never too late to preserve good memories in our own ways. For me, it's a good start to the beginning of the year as one of my annual achievements. : )


【Layout】Mr. Cat's wonderland|貓先生的夢想樂園

Hi all, it's always a good time when scrapping after a long day of work. Now I would like to share a layout I just finished. The main character in this layout is my lovely, energetic, curious, and happy cat. Time is really flying by that it has been two years since we adopted it. I really love how the layout came out and hope you will love it as well.


【Layout】Hello Snowman Friend|哈嘍雪人朋友

It's currently snowing in one of the highest mountains, Hehuan Mountain here in Taiwan. The snow view on the news reminds me of  winter time in the USA. Then I would like to share with you the details of this layout.


【Daisy Day】Daisy Day Scrapbook Academy|DAS系列課程

一次在美國的短暫旅行讓Maya認識了scrapbook,在scrapbook的核心價值-"回憶紀錄"找到手作那份感動,回台後找到Daisy Day並在2015年初開始一系列DAS課程...2015許多美好回憶從這裡開始,從年初第一次踏進Daisy Day開始一系列的scrapbook手作課程,開啟了Maya Sunshine美好精彩的一年。