【Event】2015 TES Christmas Bazaar Part 2|擺攤趣-台北歐洲學校耶誕市集-Daisy Day Group

After Maya introduced my booth at TES Christmas Bazaar in the previous postthis post will take you to each unique booth from Daisy Day group. Let's check it out!

在上一篇文章介紹完Maya Sunshine在耶誕園遊會的一天(文章請見-台北歐洲學校耶誕市集Part1-Maya Sunshine Booth)接下來帶大家看Daisy Day以及其他夥伴的攤位,每一攤的布置都有創者獨特的風格呢!

The first one is from the head designer, Vianne in Daisy Day. Vianne is not only a scrapbook designer but also a illustrator based in Taiwan. How cute is her booth decorated with lovely doggies she drew!

首先看到的是Daisy Day首席設計師Vianne的可愛攤位,Vianne除了是Daisy Day設計師,也是台灣插畫品牌VianneArt的經營者,Vianne繪製的狗兒立牌布置在攤位上真的太吸睛了!

The next one is the booth of "Tori Craft Radio". Tori is the manager from Daisy Day Zhong Xiao and she is good at mixed media projects.

接下來的是Daisy Day忠孝店長的"多莉手作電台"攤位,Maya一直很喜歡忠孝店長Tori的多媒材創作呢!

There was a on-the-spot class of Christmas coin bank held at Tori's booth.


"Field Bunny" is another booth of my partner, Mango. She is wonderful on multiform projects as we can see on her booth.

Daisy Day Mini大學姐Mango的攤位-"野兔美麗日",身兼多職的學姊一直很努力的創作,看看攤位上的作品是不是非常多元呢!

Mini Emily prepared lots of Christmas cards for sale. Her cards are so popular with the visitors at the bazaar.


Then move to the next booth of "Little Paws Craft" from Naomi. Guess what are the two cuties in front her? Actually they are leaning postboxes of Taipei and Naomi turned them into coin banks!  


This is "Momo Forest" booth from Mini Momo. Momo gives the impression of a forest girl just like her crafts and how she decorated her booth.


Then here comes the booths of "Fun Craft" and "Catmint Craft" from lovely sisters. We could always get inspired by their unique seasoning cards and crafts.


After a breif introduction of each booth from Daisy Day group, let's move back to the bustling on-site bazaar. Visitors to the bazaar came in an endless stream since it started at 10 o'clock. There were also non stop interactions between us and the visitors of introducing what is scrapbook and the detail of our scrapbooking crafts.

介紹完大家的攤位後回到市集現場,可以看到市集十點開始後已陸續有人潮湧入,現場人潮來來去去絡繹不絕,一整天下來與客人的互動也沒停過,介紹著Daisy Day團隊以及scrapbooking,講解作品內容,彼此聊天談著手作。

It was a good day from being with my partners in Daisy Day Group, thank you.

也謝謝Daisy Day團隊的夥伴們,在你們的陪伴下度過開心的一天!

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