【Event】2015 TES Christmas Bazaar Part 1|擺攤趣-台北歐洲學校耶誕市集-Maya Sunshine Booth

It was super sunny last Saturday on Nov 28th. I went to a Christmas Bazaar held by Taipei European School with Daisy Day. It was a whale of time there from being with my partners and visitors who love my crafts. Then I would like to share with you the journey of my day at Christmas Bazaar.

上週六11/28是太陽高照晴朗的一天,Maya在Daisy Day的號召帶領下前進2015歐洲學校耶誕園遊會,在各位可愛夥伴以及客人們陪伴下度過歡樂的一天,現在一起來看看Maya Sunshine在市集的歡樂時刻。

Because I live at central Taiwan and it's 3 hours driving distance to Taipei, I took the bus in the early morning at 5:30 am so I could arrive the destination on time. Though it was so quiet around 5 o'clock in the morning, I was so excited to join the bazaar. XD


I arrived Taipei European School around 8:50 am. My leaders from Daisy Day were already there preparing for the booth. I will introduce each booths from Daisy Day Group for my next post.

抵達台北後轉搭捷運約莫九點抵達現場,Daisy Day總部老大們還有忠孝店長Tori已經開始準備今天攤位了,照片上這一區共五桌都是Daisy Day的攤位,下一篇Maya會來介紹Daisy Day當天出動的攤位~

Time to open the suitcase and get ready for my booth.


I made a collection of Christmas cards for sale. I was so grateful since I got many compliments of these Christmas cards.


Also there were a limited-number of my new project-Instagram Album. This one is Christmas style instagram and I also made the original version of it.


Here comes a 3*5 photo frame. Keep a precious photo in a frame to let the priceless memory stay with you.


Then move on to another project-sticky back canvas butterfly. For these butterflies, they could be used as decorations in scrapbooking. Or be pasted in the cover page of our notebook, cell phone cover etc as a decor.


All the projects above were on Maya Sunshine booth. Do you like how my booth decorated? It's welcomed to leave your comment and it will be appreciated. : )

以上都是Maya市集當天架上的販售作品,堆疊擺上後完成今天Maya Sunshine的小攤位~

現場人潮來來去去絡繹不絕,一整天下來與客人的互動也沒停過,介紹著Daisy Day團隊以及scrapbooking,講解作品內容,彼此聊天談著手作、旅行等等。



Thanks to all the compliments I received from people who love my works. The following are precious photos with some lovely visitors and friends. Also thanks for taking a photo together. 


Thank you for stopping by, I'm gonna introduce all the booths from Daisy Day Group in my next post. Post link below-TES Christmas Bazaar Part 2-Daisy Day Group.

下一篇文章Maya會來介紹市集當天Daisy Day出動的攤位,文章請見-台北歐洲學校耶誕園遊會 Part 2-Daisy Day團隊