【Layout】Rose Garden at Parnell|Parnell的玫瑰花園

Though it's winter time here in Taiwan, located at Northern Hemisphere, it's summer time in New Zealand right now and December reminds me of the time we were at Parnell Rose Garden, Auckland.


【Altered Arts】Santa's factory|聖誕老人工坊

Hello, Christmas will be here in two days, yeah! I would like to share with you my new project-"Santa's factory" that I created for 2015 Daisy Day X'mas scrapbook competition. I had so much fun building the house based on my imagination of how Santa's factory looks like. Hope you enjoy my new project and let's check it out.

哈嘍大家好,聖誕節在兩天後即將到來,耶!今天要和大家分享剛完成的新作是"聖誕老人工坊",也是Maya參加Daisy Day 2015聖誕大賽的參賽作品喔!把腦袋中的聖誕老人工坊藍圖從無到有"建"出來的過程十分有趣,一起來欣賞Maya的新作,希望你們也喜歡~

【Layout】Surprises under a Christmas tree|聖誕樹下的驚喜

Red is traditionally associated with Christmas. What are the surprises under the red Christmas tree? Hohoho, only Santa knows what are inside the boxes.


【Event】2015 TES Christmas Bazaar Part 2|擺攤趣-台北歐洲學校耶誕市集-Daisy Day Group

After Maya introduced my booth at TES Christmas Bazaar in the previous postthis post will take you to each unique booth from Daisy Day group. Let's check it out!

在上一篇文章介紹完Maya Sunshine在耶誕園遊會的一天(文章請見-台北歐洲學校耶誕市集Part1-Maya Sunshine Booth)接下來帶大家看Daisy Day以及其他夥伴的攤位,每一攤的布置都有創者獨特的風格呢!

【Event】2015 TES Christmas Bazaar Part 1|擺攤趣-台北歐洲學校耶誕市集-Maya Sunshine Booth

It was super sunny last Saturday on Nov 28th. I went to a Christmas Bazaar held by Taipei European School with Daisy Day. It was a whale of time there from being with my partners and visitors who love my crafts. Then I would like to share with you the journey of my day at Christmas Bazaar.

上週六11/28是太陽高照晴朗的一天,Maya在Daisy Day的號召帶領下前進2015歐洲學校耶誕園遊會,在各位可愛夥伴以及客人們陪伴下度過歡樂的一天,現在一起來看看Maya Sunshine在市集的歡樂時刻。