【ATC】ATC swap in Nov|十一月藝術家交換小卡(含圖解教學)


Here comes the ATC for Nov swap. I would like to share with you the step by step of using simple techniques-embossing resist and distress ink blend. Let's check the step by step below.


First, prepare couple papers with size of 2.5 by 3.5 inches. Then I choose a fence wood stamp and a word clear stamp.

首先,準備幾張2.5*3.5英寸的紙張數張,選擇要蓋印於紙上的印章圖案,Maya選了good times透明印章,以及圍籬圖案的木頭印章。

Stamp the images on the paper by using any embossing ink pads.


Then apply the powder to the images we just stamp. Give a little bit of tap to get rid of excess powder.


Bring the heat tool down towards the paper and let it warm up the surface of the paper. Then you will notice if it's well melted from the shining effect.


It's time to add some color into the paper. Apply the distress ink with ranger's blending tool. I add some "worn lipstick" in the upper left and "peeled paint" in the bottom right.

燙凸後的圖案有抗色效果,底紙上色後燙凸的部分會清晰的留存。使用Distress Ink暈邊刷暈染上色,Maya每張使用兩個顏色暈染在左上與右下~

Spray some water on the surface to get some watercolor effect.

因為Distress Ink是水性印台,暈染上色後Maya噴了點水,讓顏色渲染開來有水彩效果。

Add a small lace flower with brad and stamp couple flake to finish these cards.


Hope you like Maya's ATC for Nov. : )