【Altered Arts】Door to Happiness|婚禮展示框-幸福之門

This is the project I made for completion of Daisy Day scrapbook academy. Once my good friend told me she's going to get married this year, I've been thinking of making a wedding gift to her whom had been my good friend since senior high. That's how I was inspired to make this project-"Door to Happiness".

今天分享的作品是Maya上完Daisy Day DAS課程後,完成的結業作品 –「幸福之門」。在好友告知今年步入禮堂的喜訊後,腦袋就發想著一份手作結婚禮,送給這位從學生時期一路陪我走過青春歲月的好友,幸福之門展示框便誕生了~

I hinge two wooden frames together so it could stand upright. I use cork board in one of inner side so photos, tags or memos could be pinned on the board. It's not only a wedding decor but also a home decor.


The wedding is the door to happiness. Wish lovers could face everything with smiles and enjoy the life together. Life is good! : ) Home is wherever I'm with you.


There are couple of layers in the cover page and I create layers with spray mist, lace paper and a ballet girl to represent the bride. 

I use some shimmer mist to paint on the girl's dress so it gets the gold shimmer look.

Two frames are hinge connected to open and close.

We could pin memos, tags, or photos on the cork board as a home decor.

I use different materials to decorate the other side by paper, chipboard, wood icon, button and sticker. Also I fold a paper dress to hang on the frame.

I create a collage look for the background on the back side. Then sew the ribbon on the paper to get a heart shape.
木框背面背景先用紙張拼貼,咖啡色方塊是使用型板搭配印台做出的效果,中間縫上紅色緞帶就成為一個愛心框了~ ♥

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